We are involved in providing the clients with I.T. solutions & services to the clients. Our clients appreciate us for the promptness and effectiveness of the offered services. Our services are provided to the clients in a qualitative manner to ensure their utmost satisfaction.


 Following is the list of services provided by us:

Server Based Computing

What is server-based computing - Server-based computing (SBC) is a technology whereby applications are deployed, managed, supported and executed on the server and not on the client. Instead only the screen information is transmitted between the server and client. This architecture solves the many fundamental problems that occur when executing the applications on the client itself. In SBC environments hardware & software upgrades, application deployment, technical support, and data storage & backup are simplified because only the servers need to be managed. Data and applications reside on a few servers rather then on hundreds or thousands of clients. PCs become terminals and can be replaced by simpler, less expensive and most importantly easier to manage devices called "thin clients."

The benefits of server-based computing

1. Management - Administrators can deploy, manage and support applications much more easily because they are held on a central server (or central server farm) and are managed from a single point, simplifying application access and administration.

2. Device independence - Users can access their desktop and indeed any enterprise application from any type of client device.

3. Remote Access – Users can access their desktop and enterprise applications from anywhere on the network, or from home, or on the road.

4. Performance – Server-based computing performs better than a web application or using a client server model. These types of applications require a lot of data to be sent back and forth between the server and the client. Because of the advanced compression ratios achieved by protocols such as ICA, NX and RDP, sending just the screen updates between the server and client is much faster.

5. Security – Server-based computing keeps all the data on the secure servers without it being 'spread out' onto the less secure client computers. Furthermore the server is in the server room, which is far more secure than on the user’s desk.

6. Less prone to viruses and security breaches – Servers are by definition better managed and because the server OS is more secure, it’s far more difficult for a computer to get infected by a virus.

7. Eliminates patch management of clients – Clients are not running Windows, there is no need to patch the desktop computers on a regular basis.

8. Server-based computing reduces Total Cost of Ownership [TCO] by as much as 50%.

9. Scalability – New servers and clients can easily be added to the network.

10.Increased Availability – It’s easy to make the terminal servers fault tolerant and to perform load balancing. In addition, servers are inherently designed to be more reliable than your average desktop


Cloud Server Solutions


Cloud Server- Understanding the variegated needs of the clients, we offer Cloud Servers to the clients that enables the patrons to indulge in resource sharing without any delay.

Hosted Server- Catering to the varied hosting needs of the clients, we have been able to provide them with a flawless Hosted Server


Server Solutions






Mailing Solutions


Microsoft Exchange

Zimbra Mail Server

Bulk Mailing Services


Firewall UTM Solutions








CRM Solutions

Involved in providing the clients with ERP solutions, we have been able to organize various processes and organizational system in a synchronized manner.  


Remote Desktop Solutions 

Connect App

Critix Xenapp



2x Terminal server